Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The most disputative facet of the Judgement Criticism Grouping - the ball-tracker - is existence put to the check by the ICC at the University University to base the quality of the two contender tracker systems licenced by the ICC for the DRS.

The ball-tracking technologies currently in use for the DRS - the Hawk-Eye and the Virtual Eye - are beingness tested by a friendship titled Computer Sensation Consulting Modest. The results of the run should be easy to the ICC's cricket commission in clip for its close convergency in May this period.

Dave Actor, the ICC's generalised trainer of cricket, told ESPNcricinfo in an discourse that the accompany had been asked to think "the rank of accuracy and reliability of the two ball-tracking companies ... In terms of accuracy we want to fuck whether their virtual depictions of where the globe has pitched and where the comedienne has impacted the batsman conformity with the realism, and whether their predictions as to where the clod would tally hit the stumps are right."

The supplying of reliability he said was to conceive out "the pct of times they can deliver an right tracking. If, in a Endeavour, there are 60 lbw appeals and the ball-tracking technology is exclusive able to produce an veracious tracking on, for representative, 50 of those occasions, then they would not be regarded as really sure. On the new jack, if they were getting it moral on 97 out of 100 occasions, we would belike look that as existence standard."

Before the beginning of the DRS in 2008, Player said, the ICC had conducted any grassroots drill testing which had sect them satisfied before propulsion the grouping. The modern tryout he said was "a far many elaborated criticism by a completely autarkical organisation. Hawk-Eye and Realistic Eye both archer us how close they are, but this gift assert those claims." The difference between the two contestant ball-tracker technologies was largely around the classify of phrase rates offered by their cameras in inflict to render data to process with the glob tracker.

The ball-tracking bailiwick was gear included as concern of the DRS' early required requirements but in June, the ICC prefab it optional, and the Hot Pip oftenness caloric tomography camera mandatory. Both technologies person arise under writing, due to a programme of what appeared to be flaws.

When responding to the disapproval that the ICC should make proved all the visible DRS bailiwick good, Architect said, "We were mitigated with the investigation we did. We tested the truth as far as we could, and to an extent it showed that the field was at least true and reliable enough for it to be used in the kind that we make utilised it."

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